Friday, August 23, 2013

Social Media DT CALL and some more info!!!

Hey everyone! Thank you all very much for playing along with us in August. You still have 2 days to get your entries in and so far we have seen some AMAZING layouts. For the first time ever, I have featured some layouts on our Facebook page HERE . Please do check it out as it could be yours that I featured. I just was very impressed with the quality of entries so far. Please note, it doesn't mean these are the winners. The challenge hasn't ended yet so I just wanted to give you some inspiration. 

Now..some exciting news!! The brilliant Design Team I have here at the moment has been very very supportive and patient with me while I went on to have my baby, who is now 3 months old :) 
They have stayed on beyond the original term requirements, and although we lost some along the way (very understandable) the majority is still here and we have agreed that December will be their last month :( I am so proud of this team. We have people that since they started here, have ended up on MAJOR Design Teams and gone on to do amazing stuff.. SO proud. :) 

SO now we look forward.. ..I can let you know that there will be a Design Team call out in **OCTOBER**! Probably around the first week of October. The term will most likely be 1 year: January-December 2014. But more on that later. I am just giving you a heads up as I get asked AAALLL the time. I won't lie.. there are a few people that are already on my list to be asked and I have been keeping a close eye (and will continue to do so)  on the entries that have been coming in the last few months. I know once again it will be a very hard choice. But anyway.. stay tuned around that first week in October for all the details :) 

Now.............. I am looking for 1 member to join us as a permanent Design Team member starting in September for as long as I can have them for. :) 

This person will:
*start in September until the end of December 2014 
* be part of our permanent Design Team
*have access to our Design Team blog and Facebook page
*be expected to submit 1 layout per month
*comment on some entries throughout the month
*vote for the winning entries at the end of the month
and the most important thing of all
**have a STRONG knowledge of Social Media sites. 
The person I am looking for would be in charge of running our Facebook page by uploading the winners, sending out reminder posts and every other way they think would benefit Once Upon A..Sketch and maybe post about the challenge/sketch on Pinterest and wherever else they think would be of benefit.

Of course, I will also be looking at this person's blog, personal style etc etc but please do not be discouraged if you think you are not experienced enough! I will be honest that my priority is someone that can take over the social media sites that OUAS is on, but yes because you will also be designing for us I am looking for quality of work too :) But please apply.. I always say you never ever know!
SO no matter your skill level, or country PLEASE apply :) 

This what you need to do is.

*send me an email at by August 30th!
*in the subject line please write *Social Media DT Call* 
*I do not need very much text.. just tell me that you are able to run our Facebook page and can dedicate the time to it and please send me a link to your own Facebook account, and your blog and any other social media site you are a member of. 

You have 1 week :) I look forward to hearing from you

XOXO Nadia


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  2. Such great news Nadia! How is your little angel doing I love the cute pictures you take of your girls! I hope you find your Social Media DT very soon....If I weren't so busy I would have applied too! But I will keep my eyes open for your DT call in October it would be an honor to be designing for you and your site! Have a great weekend hugs Amy ;-)

  3. Roll on October!!! I also don't think I have the ability to be a Social Media DT...hoping you will find the perfect person to fill that spot Nadia!

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