Monday, December 1, 2014

Our last challenge ....

Hello everyone! 

It is with a sad but somewhat relieved heart that I share with you that this will be the last month we post a challenge at Once Upon A...Sketch. 

For me personally, although I am saddened as I write this, I do feel that this challenge blog did its job for the time it was active and I REALLY wish I could have continued it all but it is JUST TOO BIG . In fact the last few months I have stepped away from it and it has been continued all these months by Anna, Tracey, Lizzy, Wilma and at one time Val Thorpe as well. It takes THAT many people to run it and it is a demand I have hated to put on people.  Ladies, I have said it many times that without you this blog would have ended many months back so THANK YOU for continuing on. 

Life changed so much since 4 years ago when I started all this up. I will not got into the details but personally for me , I called this blog my "baby" while I was waiting for my own real baby to arrive. She finally did, in May last year and being my 3rd child well... it pretty much meant that whatever little time I had for anything extra vanished! I am not complaining AT ALL but yes decisions needed to be made and I have very little time these days to even just scrap . I always said I would not continue this unless I could give it my all and I just cant anymore.. 

SO firstly I would love to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you that joined in our challenges each and every month. From the very first month we had a HUGE amount of entries! It was mind blowing and throughout the years this job was HUGE for the DT as they voted, commented on etc on each entry. Sadly this job also became too big for them too. We felt bad that we could not get around to visit everyone's blog :( 
But THANK YOU ALL very very very much and I am sorry we could not continue this for you all :( 

Secondly a VERY VERY VERY VERY big thank you to all the people that served on this Design Team. You have no idea just what these people are like and SO many of them were around for a very difficult time in my life and helped me personally so much. They have all been patient, professional and understanding and I will miss having a little family online. 

Lastly, thank you to all the sponsors that for some reason donated AMAZING prizes month after month. We could not have continued all this without them as we just LOVED giving prizes out so THANK YOU VERY much :) 

I am not sure what else to say.. I think I better round it up as I am feeling emotional. ..

SO ... goodbye my friends, I hope we provided some inspiration while we were around. Thank you all for all the stories you told..

Goodbye my challenge blog.. thank you for filling the emptiness and for ALL those nights you kept my mind busy from wandering to sad thoughts .. 

Journalling Theme: "It's December..." 

You are free to interpret our theme ANY WAY you like. It is for your inspiration and this theme word DOES NOT need to be part of your title or journalling. But please make sure your layout is based on the sketch below and includes journalling (hidden journalling is fine). Acceptable journalling is MORE than just a sentence, or generic writing such as date/place etc. It needs to be present and at least 3 lines long. Remember, hidden journalling (under a photo/tag or behind your page) is perfectly fine but please DO let us know in your post where your journalling is! 

The winner of our October challenge is the FABULOUS scrapper, TERHI KOSKINEN:

"Hello all! I'm Terhi from Finland and I'm thrilled to be OUAS guest designer for December! I'm a scrapbooker, mum. full-time employee, wife, friend, sister, daughter, horse-back-rider... But mostly I'm a paper crafter with lots of inspiration and addiction to make beautiful things.
Scrapbooking is more than a hobby for me, it's a lifestyle - it starts with photograph session and ends when I get my creation where I wanted. And then it starts again.
My creations are filled layers, straight lines, and techniques I want to try out. If using a lot of different techniques and materials makes me a mixed media artists, then I am one.
I've done a lot of tutorials to my YouTube channel and I hope I can inspire you - hop on to my blog to learn more!
Thank you so much for letting me visit here with you today! Happy scrapping :)"
And here is Terhi's STUNNING take on our sketch:

 Now here is what our Design Team came up with. Please click on their blogs for more details on their creations. I am sure they would love to hear from you !!!

Olga Heldwein

Olga Vasilieva

Zaneta Glowa (Sweden)

December it's s my birth month, it's also my 12th month with OUAS DT and I'm celebrating this with a layout about me. On the backside I placed a personal note to myself.

Lizzy Hill (Australia)

Stephanie Schütze (Germany)

It's about me and a photoshooting for December I had to made and a and a new, secret, Challenge 2015 (Journaling behind the flap/frame).

Ulrika Blomfelt (Sweden)
(I turned the sketch a bit. My journaling about this photo shoot is on the back of the layout.)

Stacey Young (Australia)

Patricia Basson (South Africa)

Jelissa Mei (Singapore)

(Start to finish video tutorial here, and my journaling is on the back. It's about what December means to me and the special feeling it creates. Made with supplies from 13arts)

Tracey Sabella (USA)
(Journaling on tag tucked under photo)

Yuko Tanaka (Japan)

Daria Pneva (Russia) 

Aida Domisiewicz (Poland)
*journaling at the back of the page

Natalia Shalygina (Frau_Muller) (Ukraine)
 *journaling at the back of the page

Song Li (USA)


  1. First: gorgeous projects by the team!
    Second: so sorry to see OUAS go, but I do understand. It's a time for everything and I do understand it takes a lot of energy and effort to run such a fantastic blog.
    I have participating several times and you "forced" me to think different many times, to use journaling more on my layouts. Thank you for that Nadia and I wish you all the best!

  2. oh, so very sad news! I loved your blog and the challenges, not least because of your stunning pages I discovered scapbooking for me as my new passion... but I understand your decision, dear Nadia. I wish you all the very best and thank you for the many months of joy you brought to us with your challenges.
    The final LOs are gorgeous again, ladies!

  3. That is sad news for all of us scrappers. I did enjoy your sketch and enjoyed play with them. Wish you the best.

  4. Thanks for giving us countless hours of enjoyment and challenge

  5. Nadia you and your team inspired me to push the boundries of scrapbooking. I wish you luck xx

  6. Gorgeous samples! Sad to see the challenge end but I completely understand. Best wishes to all.

  7. Oh that's so sad! I'm really shocked. Fully understand though. The large challenge blogs such as OUAS are LOTS of work! Good luck for the future and thanks for bringing us all such a wonderful challenge site. xx

  8. Thank you too to all the team who have kept this going for so long, thank you Nadia who conceived and gave birth to this amazing challenge site which has been a source of inspiration for so long.. I have enjoyed creating for the challenges and many layouts have been done simply because you got me to think and create with themes I would not have used otherwise. Take care and keep creating everyone!

  9. Well done to you Nadia on such a wonderful blog. So much inspiration from the DT and also the participants. It was so successful and you should be proud of that. x

  10. You've done such an amazing job with this blog over the years, Nadia, and such a huge amount of time, effort, and love was put in and the success of OUAS is a clear testament to that. I will never forget when I discovered OUAS a few years back and am so happy to have been given the opportunity to later design on your amazing team. This was always THE challenge blog :). Job well done. Thanks for this final, beautiful dose of inspiration from the DT. OUAS will surely be missed :)


  11. Oh Nadia, I'm so sad to hear this. But I completely understand your decision! This has always been my favourite challenge blog, with wonderful sketches, beautiful inspiration and - most importantly - an owner who is very passionate about what she does and who does an amazing job at running the blog. You are amazing, Nadia! I would like to thank you for all hard work and effort that you've put into this blog. I will really miss OUAS, but will continue to stop by every once in a while to scroll down for some wonderful sketch inspiration.

  12. What a great reveal - but so very sad news. Although, I understand it.
    Thank you for all, and thank you for having me guesting :)

  13. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nadia, for all of the inspiration that you provided us with this wonderful site. I am so happy that you were here. And thank you so all of the design team members, too. Your hard work is very obvious - each and every layout was made with TLC!

  14. Nadia, I am so sad to see this one close down. I have loved A) coming here for inspiration and B) for being a part of the team ... it is one that I will miss but Life is crazy here too so I know what you mean. Thank you for giving me a change and for being such a wonderful person to work with. I continue to watch you grown.... Take care and I know where to find you and the rest of the team. Merry Christmas to all of you <3

  15. Very sad This is the only blog that enables me to vecome a good artist and let me experiecces prizes and winnings. This Blog offers me love and joy and I am very sad that it will be gone forever and I Hope in the future it will be opening again ..regard charllie love you OUAS

  16. Мне очень очень грустно!

  17. Very sad to see this blog being closed down. It was one of my top 5 sketch blogs, with the most versatile entries and the one that most encouraged journaling. I hope to be able to enter this last challenge as a way of saying farewell, and to show my support.

    Thank you for being around all these years!!

  18. SO very sad to see the blog closing...Nadia you have done amazing things here, A huge THANK YOU to you and ALL of the gals over the years..You are a huge inspiration to me and many others :)

  19. So sad to hear OUAS is closing. So loved your beautiful sketches & have such happy memories of being a part of your inaugural team & the fun & heartbreaks we had together working everything out :) Those were good days!

  20. very sad news! Thanks for giving us enjoy time!

  21. Very sad news, I loved DT and challenges, Always inspiring.
    best wishes

  22. ohhhh nooooo! So very sorry to hear this news...but I completely understand the' three' important reasons why...Nadia you can be very proud for creating such an amazing blog that was so loved by so many...I always thought this was 'the' top challenge blog, and I remember I was so honoured and happy to win!!! Best wishes always...Lisa xo

  23. Oh so sad to say goodbye - you have done a fantastic job with OUAS Nadia, and your DT inspiration is always stunning! Best of luck for the future with your beautiful family :)

  24. Amazing creations by the design team :) Its really sad to say goodbye Nadia...But i want to thank you for giving us this blog. This is the blog that brought me into scrapbooking... The place where i won for the first time:) I have all the fond memories with this blog. OUAS will be missed- always. All the best for everything in life!

  25. Oh Nadia,I totally understand tour decision but IT ii sooo shocking.OUAS challenge blog-this meant a lot.I had an opportunity to win one of the challenges and you can not imagine how proud and happy I was!I AM happy that I could meet you in this virtual world.You are such a nice and wonderful person.Good luck Nadia!And thank you!

  26. I just knew about this Nadia. So sad that OUAS is closing. I was one of those who saw you started OUAS and it got instant popularity the day you launched the site. I must say that you have done a very good job running OUAS with your quality team members. My blog still shows my winning badge from OUAS (won in 2011), thank you for the wonderful sketches and inspiring work from your team :)

  27. Hola a todas, quisiera decir que para mi es una noticia muy triste que se termine este precioso blog. Yo lo he descubierto por casualidad aunque tarde, pero he podido participar en el aunque sea por ultima vez. Me encanta todo el trabajo de las artistas que hay y comprendo la situación por la cual se termina. Solo deseo lo mejor para todas y gracias por haber existido y dejarnos participar en el. Muchos besos y muchas gracias...

  28. Thanks for all the years of fun scrapbooking challenges!!!

  29. Oh, it's such a pitty the linkup closed just 15 minutes before I could add my LO. I mixed up the difference in time. So here it is
    I couldn't stand participating in the last OUAS challenge....

  30. Hola buenos días!, por favor, me gustaría saber si ya están los resultados del ultimo desafio...muchas gracias

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  42. I am so sad to say goodbye. You are an inspiration. Your blogs always offers me joy. Best of luck for the future.